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     The first class I registered for at Ohio University was Creative Writing. It was also the first class I failed. In fact, the school had to raise tuition just to cover the cost of all the red markers the instructor was using to correct my essays. But that embarrassment didn't stop me from believing I had talent. A year later I earned a B- in that same class with the same teacher. In time, I earned a degree in communication. 


     What followed was a less than stellar career with the federal government. All the while believing I was destined to be called an author, I studied joke writing, screenwriting, short story writing, play writing, and novel writing. I joined writer's groups and participated in workshops.  And I returned to my Alma Mater to take part in classes offered free to the over sixties crowd.


     Working, playing, and learning with students slightly younger than my children and slightly older than my grandchildren, I put the finishing touches on Buddy Bloom Wildflower, A Tale of Struggle and Celebration. Written for children ages 8 to 80, it's my biography in kid form. With the goal of creating hope and laughter; the book is a tribute to great friends, gifted teachers, and inspiring role models.




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