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    BUDDY BLOOM is the story of a flower seed inside a package with other flower seeds waiting to be planted. All the seeds are looking forward to fresh air, sunshine, and gentle rain to help them grow. A raging storm scatters the seeds in all directions. Buddy is all alone, scared, and uncertain what to do. He is about to learn the value of struggle, the joy of friendship, and the celebration of life.


    With help from George the Ant, who is also lost, Buddy begins to learn what the possibilities are for a wildflower. After becoming separated from his new friend, Buddy gets some sage advice about life from a wise old turtle named Ken. Sadie the Butterfly takes Buddy on a trip to see how flowers can be an important part of romance.


    When Sadie is captured in a butterfly net Buddy tumbles into a crack in the sidewalk. It is there he bursts out of his shell. Wanting more than to just look pretty, Buddy finds a purpose for blooming when two young girls share Buddy with a grieving old man.

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